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Credit card rates hit 18-month high ahead of Christmas spend

19 November 2021
Average interest rates on credit cards have reached an 18-month high ahead of the multi-billion-pound Christmas spending spree, figures show. ... read more »

Credit card APRs at 18-month high

12 November 2021
Christmas can be one of the most expensive times of the year and a lot of people will be borrowing money to help them pay for it. ... read more »

Cashback cards growing in popularity

7 November 2021
The average overdraft interest rate is now nearly 20%, the Daily Mail reports, and this could have contributed to the rise in 'cashback' credit cards, which have doubled in number in two years. ... read more »

Industry body reports rise in credit and debit card fraud

1 October 2021
Card fraud losses in the UK totaled 185 million in the first half of this year - 9% more than in the same period in 2011. ... read more »

54.4 billion owed on UK credit cards

1 October 2021
The latest 'lending to individuals' figures from the Bank of England reveal that there was still 54.4 billion of credit card debt in the UK at the end of August, which is a decrease of around 2.6 billion, compared with August 2011. ... read more »

A comparison of four zero interest credit cards

24 September 2021
A zero interest credit card won't charge you any interest on purchases for a fixed period of time. If you're able to repay the card within that time, you can avoid paying any interest on purchases you make on it - but if you can't, you will eventually have to pay some interest. ... read more »

New credit cards offer cashback or Nectar points

10 September 2021
Sainsbury's is launching two new credit cards, to compete with high street banks, through its finance arm Sainsbury's Bank, as The Daily Mail reports. ... read more »

Government to tackle hidden credit card charges

3 September 2021
The Government is going to ban retailers from adding surprise charges when people pay for things by debit or credit card. It'll also stop them making a profit from those charges, according to a statement on behalf of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. ... read more »

Government looking into credit card consumer rights

20 August 2021
The Government is bringing in changes that will give greater protection to consumers, as part of the European Consumer Rights Directive. A consultation on how to implement the changes is being launched on Monday. ... read more »

One in three credit card holders don't make use of reward schemes

13 August 2021
One in three people with a credit card don't use their reward scheme because they think it's not worth it, according to an Asda Money survey. ... read more »

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