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Home insurance

As the saying goes, your home is your castle. And in a world where many of us fill our homes with expensive gadgets, furniture, appliances and much more, protecting your castle is more important than ever.

Our dedicated insurance agents can help you to find the right home and contents insurance deal. We'll search our panel including some of the leading UK insurers for a policy that you feel meets your needs. For a free, no-obligation quote, call 0800 195 2914 today.

Different types of home insurance

There are two equally important types of home insurance that you'll need to consider: buildings insurance and home contents insurance.

Buildings insurance

This is the type of home insurance that covers the building itself. If your property is physically damaged - for example, by flooding, subsidence, fire or natural disaster - buildings insurance can help to cover your costs.

If you live in an area of increased risk, such as a known flood risk area or a property with tall trees nearby, buildings insurance could be especially important. Fixing structural damage to your home could be very expensive - but with the right buildings insurance policy, you'll be covered for various claims.

Buildings insurance can also cover damage to fixed fittings in your home, such as fitted wardrobes and built-in kitchen appliances.

Contents insurance

These days, it's not unusual to have thousands of pounds worth of items in your home. But what would you do if your prized possessions were broken, lost or stolen? Would you be able to cover the cost yourself? With the right home contents insurance, you won't need to worry.

From laptops to TVs, from musical instruments to MP3 players, our lives are made easier and more entertaining by gadgets and other household items. But accidents can happen - and you'll need to make sure you're covered to avoid expensive bills if something does go wrong.

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Getting the right level of home insurance

Making sure you're covered is one thing, but you'll also need to make sure you have enough cover for your needs. Don't just settle for the first home insurance policy you find - make sure you check the details first. Some deals might not provide enough cover for all your possessions or the full value of your home, for example, which could cause problems if you need to make a claim.

Also remember to make sure all your details are correct when you apply. Sometimes people make a mistake and enter the wrong information by accident, but your insurer may refuse to pay out on a claim if your details aren't 100% correct.

Cheap home insurance

Think Insure makes finding a cheap house insurance deal easy. We'll search our panel of insurers for their lowest-cost deal for the cover you're looking for.

But remember: the cost is just one thing you should think about. We'd all like to pay as little as possible for our home insurance, but by paying less you might have to compromise on the level of cover you receive.

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Home insurance FAQs

Why Think Insure?

Our dedicated insurance agents have experience of helping people like you find the right home insurance deal. When you call us free on 0800 195 2914, you'll get a great service from a real person - not just details on a screen.

Our agents can also answer questions or queries you may have - so if you're unsure, all you have to do is call.

What can affect the price of a house insurance policy?

There are many factors that can affect how much you'll pay for your home insurance policy. For buildings insurance, insurers will generally look at things like the age of your property and the risk of natural damage (e.g. subsidence or flooding). For home contents insurance, they'll look at things like the total value of goods in your home and the area you live in. For both types of insurance, they'll also want to know whether you've made claims in the past, and how much you're willing to pay as a voluntary excess.

Is home insurance a legal requirement?

Not usually, but it's still important. Home contents insurance is not usually a legal requirement, but buildings cover is usually compulsory if you own your home (because a lot of mortgage lenders will only give you a mortgage if you have buildings insurance). It's not necessarily a legal requirement, but you may not be able to get a mortgage without it.

Does home insurance cover me outside the home?

It depends on the policy. If you frequently take expensive items out with you - things like mobile phones, MP3 players and laptops, for example - then you should mention this when you apply. Our trained agents can help you find a policy that covers you for loss, theft and damage to your prized possessions inside and outside the home.

How can I make my home insurance cheaper?

As mentioned above, you shouldn't always go for the very cheapest deal - you should also make sure it gives you an adequate level of cover. But there are some things you can do to potentially reduce your premium, such as choosing a higher voluntary excess.

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