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Insurance from Think Insure

You can't predict the future, but you can protect yourself against it. Insurance is one of the best possible ways to make sure you're sheltered from the impact of the unexpected events that life throws your way.

From home insurance and life insurance to gadget, boiler and mortgage payment protection insurance, the right policy can help ensure that whatever problems you face in the future, worrying about money isn't one of them.

Insurance quotes from Think Insure

Here at Think Insure, we specialise in finding the right insurance at the right price, helping you protect your family, your home and your belongings without stretching your finances.

Talk to one of our agents and we'll search our panel of leading UK insurance providers to find the best deal we can for you - for free, and with no obligation whatsoever.

We deal with a wide range of insurance: home insurance, life insurance, mortgage payment protection insurance, boiler insurance and gadget insurance / mobile phone insurance.

Home insurance

The expression 'safe as houses' probably won't make much sense to someone who's had to deal with domestic disasters in the past: someone who knows how expensive it can be to repair / replace things around the home after a fire, a flood or a burglary.

Our homes - and the things we keep in them - are worth a lot of money, but even so, insuring them could be a lot cheaper than you ever expected.

Buildings insurance
With the price of property these days, can you afford not to insure your home? Fires, floods, subsidence, storms - any of these can cause thousands of pounds of damage to your home, and without the right buildings insurance, putting it right could be a real struggle.

Buildings insurance can also cover any damage to things like fitted wardrobes, built-in kitchen appliances and other fittings around the home.

Contents insurance
At the same time, the building itself isn't the only thing you need to think about. In today's modern world, so many homes are full of expensive things, from TVs and computers to carpets and furnishings. Again, without the right insurance, you could be left severely out of pocket if you're hit by fire, flood or burglary.

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Life insurance

Nobody likes to think about death - but as they say, it happens to us all in the end. Taking out life insurance can give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your loved ones will be taken care of in your absence, whether that means paying off the mortgage, covering the costs of childcare and education, or simply leaving them a lump sum.

At Think Insure, we offer three forms of protection insurance: level term cover, decreasing term life cover and critical illness cover.

Level term cover
Make a single fixed payment per month and know that your loved ones will receive a lump sum in the event of your death. It's up to you how much cover you want - in general, the more you pay per month, the more your family will receive in the end.

So it's well worth getting a number of life insurance quotes so you can settle on a policy that'll meet your family's future needs at a price you can afford on a monthly basis.

Decreasing term life cover
Also called mortgage term insurance, decreasing term life cover is designed to pay off your outstanding mortgage debt when you pass away. This explains the 'decreasing' in the name - as you gradually pay off more and more of your mortgage, you'll need less of a payout to clear the remaining debt.

Critical illness cover
Being diagnosed with a critical illness can put a serious strain on your finances. Critical illness cover can protect you against the financial impact, helping you cope with a loss of income, for example, and/or pay for the cost of care.

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Mortgage repayment cover

A mortgage is a huge commitment. Your monthly payments are almost certain to take up a sizeable percentage of your income - and you're probably committing yourself to making them for anywhere between 25 and 40 years.

That's a lot of time for something unexpected to happen, threatening your ability to keep up with your payments. Protecting yourself against that is just good sense.

This is where Mortgage repayment cover can help. Mortgage repayment cover can cover your mortgage payments if you're unable to work for some reason - if you're made unemployed, for example, have an accident or fall ill.

At a time like this, with the economy unstable and many firms unsure of their future, it's particularly important to look into mortgage protection insurance.

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Home breakdown insurance

What would we do without heat? Whether it's hot water or central heating, we rely on our boilers to give us something we use so much we rarely even think about it. Yet if it stopped working suddenly, could you afford to get it fixed?

So, if your boiler broke down tomorrow, what would you do? With boiler insurance, it's easy: just call out an engineer to fix it, and your policy could cover all the relevant costs.

In other words, boiler insurance can protect you against the inconvenience of doing without hot water as well as the cost of getting the equipment repaired / replaced.

That can be a lot of peace of mind for a small monthly premium.

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Gadget insurance

How many gadgets are there in your house? Mobile phones, cameras, satellite navigation devices, MP3 players… add up the value of all those devices and you could be surprised by the total.

Starting at just £2.95 a month for the standard mobile cover, gadget insurance through Think Insure can give you the cover you need for your prized gadget - inside and outside the home.

Whether you're an occasional phone user or a gadget lover, we've got cover to suit you - from basic mobile phone insurance to cover for a smartphone, two gadgets and your laptop.

Our extensive range of cover includes:

Standard Mobile Cover - Mobile cover up to £300 claim limit.

Premium Mobile Cover - iPhone / Smartphone (or any other mobile) cover up to £650 claim limit.

Think Gadget - iPhone / Smartphone (or any other mobile) cover up to £650 claim limit + 2 gadget package (£500 claim limit).

Think Gadget + Laptop - iPhone / Smartphone (or any other mobile) cover up to £650 claim limit + 2 gadget package (£500 claim limit) + Laptop cover (£500 cover).

Simply click 'Get a quote', find the level of cover you need, enter your details and click 'apply' - it's that simple. You could be covered in just a few minutes.

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Subject to eligibility and exclusions. Insurance is provided from our panel of insurers. Policy conditions apply. Calls may be recorded for quality and training purposes. Calls to 0800 numbers from BT landlines are usually free, but you should check with your network provider for full details of your service.

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