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Am I due a tax refund?

19 March 2013

Income tax is complicated. Although it is usually automatically taken from your salary by your employer, mistakes can happen when the calculations go wrong, or if your circumstances change.

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What isn't covered by life insurance?

6 March 2013

Life insurance is there to make sure your family could get by if you pass away. So if you are killed in a road accident or die from a heart attack, to give just two examples, your family would most likely receive a payout.

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What is an ISA account?

4 March 2013

ISA stands for Individual Savings Account. It's a tax-free savings account available to UK residents.

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How much do I need to earn to buy a house?

1 March 2013

When you're applying for a mortgage, lenders base their decision on what they think you can realistically afford to repay - and that's based on more than just your salary. They'll also look at your credit rating, of course.

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All about DROs (Debt Relief Orders)

27 February 2013

A DRO could be the best way to put your debts behind you, but it can't help everyone with debt problems. Read our guide to find out whether a DRO could help you - and how it would do that.

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