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Heating a home costs 63% more than five years ago

29 November 2021
It's getting cold outside. And, for many, it's getting cold inside too - as the average annual price of heating a home has risen from 360 to 587 since 2008. This means that the cost of heating a home has increased by 227, or 63%, in five years. ... read more »

Consumer borrowing down as Christmas approaches

29 November 2021
Consumers repaid more personal debt than they took on in October, according to the latest lending figures from the Bank of England. ... read more »

Coping with floods - from insurance to inventories

27 November 2021
With over 200 flood warnings - and almost 300 flood alerts - in place around Britain, households across the country are preparing for the worst as the waters rise. Many others have already been evacuated. ... read more »

How could the scrapped 3p fuel duty increase help households?

27 November 2021
Chancellor George Osborne is expected to halt the proposed 3p increase in fuel duty in his autumn statement - news that is likely to come as a big relief for motorists the nation over. ... read more »

Mortgage rates dropping again

26 November 2021
Mortgage rates are dropping again - and the improvements we've seen in the mortgage market recently are expected to continue, the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) reports. ... read more »

Payday lenders face further regulation

26 November 2021
A new code of practice for payday lenders is being implemented today, although the code is voluntary and not all payday lenders are signed up to it. ... read more »

Inflation has risen faster than average pay since 2000

23 November 2021
New figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) show that from April 2011 to April 2021, average annual earnings rose by 1.4% to 26,500 for full-time workers. ... read more »

47% of parents 'under pressure to spend more than they can afford' this Christmas

22 November 2021
Parents naturally want to give their children the best Christmas possible, but this can sometimes put them under financial strain. ... read more »

One in ten households 'eligible for help with energy bills'

21 November 2021
New figures from the Home Heat Helpline have revealed that more than one in ten British households are entitled to help with their energy bills - but many don't know about the financial support that could be available. ... read more »

Insurance body ABI launches Safe Young Drivers campaign

20 November 2021
It's Road Safety Week - and the Association of British Insurers is launching a campaign for Safe Young Drivers. It follows research indicating most of us believe restrictions on young drivers would help make the roads safer. ... read more »

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